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Costume system


hey i have some questions



@ the 34k Files   costume system is working basicaly.


what start index or index have Body and hair  Costumewindow?

what type-subtype-flag-antiflag   have  hair and costume to be?



at the oment my costume go into   costume window     type 28-subtype 0   thats working

but my hair   dont go in costumewindow   type 28-subtype1



i client i tried with start index 101 and 109       and+0 for body +1 for hair   =   body is always working hair not

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type 28, subtype 1, antiflag 106882 for women and 106881 for men, flag 0, wearflag 0 , for hairstyles.

On 34k clean sf, they are working just fine.

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Thanks fr Helping i used now Original GF DE   inventorywindow.py and costumewindow.py  now its working :)

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now i have new Problem.


Just hair is working without Problem,

Costume Armor is going inside slot  and i can take it outside slot, but when i take, lets say bandit clothes  they go inslot my normal armor purge and then im naked, when i put of bandit my normal armor is back


why my bandit costume is not shown?


i did type 28 sub 0   value 3  = id of msm   in client and server



syserr of client is clean ....



Edit  the error have somewhere to be in the msm, when i put   my costume gr2 and dss   to some low lvl armor its working


Edit  is there a limit   for value 3  or a limit of maximal armor index in the msms?

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