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[Collective Thread] Design Resources

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You can post your favourite websites for design resources here.






I will start with a great site for realistic textures which is CGTextures (http://cgtextures.com) which contains thousands of different surfaces and decals in very high resolutions, exhaustively sorted by categories.




The textures up to 700x700 are free, for higher sizes you have to pay a small subscription free. Probably the biggest resource for seamless textures in the internet.






A great tool for simple image editing tasks. It's free and there are hundreds of plugins available for extending its features.






Texture Maker 3


Advanced texture creation and editing tool. I found the Resampler tool in this program most useful for Metin2 textures as this allows you to convert a highly detailed texture into a less detailed ("zoomed out") texture. For example you can take a single flower texture with grass background and resample it into a full field of flowers.




Download: http://ul.to/tobhsc1g


UI Elements


UICloud - http://ui-cloud.com/free-ui-elements/




UI Elements





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59 € / one year

(approximately 76 USD)



Thats a pretty good price for full size textures if you ask me eventhough the free ones are still good enough :D

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In the next 1 or 2 weeks i will release a big texture pack with pictures i made on my one ^^
Maybe some of you can need them :P

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You can suggest useful resources too and I will add them to the first post :)

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"...pay a small subscription free."


fee* ?


i never heard of this site before , thanks for share.

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