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Hi everyone,
In this thread I will explain all console commands in the client:

  • exit - Force close the client
  • mvol - Change the music volume between 0 - 10
  • svol - Change the sound volume between 0 - 10
  • snds - Change the volume of the interactive sounds (mobs, hit etc...) between 0 - 200
  • asnds - Change the volume of the ambience between 0 - 200
  • mspd - Change the moving speed between 0 - 1100
  • pwd - Show the current folder path (D:ymir work)
  • ls - Show the folders in D:ymir work
  • shadow - Change the shadow level between 0 - 5
  • splat - Set the rendering distance between the character and the ambience 0 - 
  • distance - Change the view distance between 0 - 4
  • bgloading - This function is disabled in the binary!
  • transtree - Enable or disable the transparency of the trees 0 - 1
  • cd - CD to directory, like in bat files (cd ..)
  • up - Go up in the folder structure (D:ymir work)
  • lsd - List all directories on the D: partition
  • lsf - List all files on the D: partition
  • lse - Show the path of the effects (D:ymir workeffect)
  • collision - highlight the objects, monsters, npcs, players 0 - 1
  • colli - Equal with the collision function without argument, turn on/off the highlighting
  • disconnect - Unfinished function!
  • autorot - Set the rotation moving speed of the camera while pressing the A/D keys 0 - 
  • pickc - Show char informations, isRegistered, isAlive, isDead
  • infoc - Information of another thing, usage: infoc <VID>
  • regchre - Register new effect on the char, usage: regchre <effectType> and <effectFilename>
  • setchra - Set character effect, usage: setchra <effectType> <Visibility 0 or 1>
  • emoticon - Set emotion effect over the character, usage: emotion <number of the emoticon>
  • perfinfo - Show performance informations (?)
  • reload_locale - Reload the locale
  • re - Reload uiGuild and uiInventory
  • cooltime - Disable or enable the skills cooltime
  • hidecursor - Hide the cursor
  • showcursor - Show the cursor
  • warp - Warp to x-y position
  • web - Pop out a web browser
  • hideui - Hide the user interface
  • showui - Show the user interface
  • setcspd - Change the camera moving speed 0 - 
  • savecmr - Export the current camera settings to the client folder, usage: savecmr <filename>
  • loadcmr - Import camera settings, usage: loadcmr <filename in the client folder>
  • setdefcmr - Set to default the camera settings
  • setsight - Change the sight 0 - 100
  • setcombotype - Set the level of the combo, the server will kick you after few seconds because of combo hack check
  • trans - Change the empire language converting, you can understand all empires without a ring 0 - 1

Rendering options:

  • setrmadd
  • setrmmod
  • setrmaddrgb
  • setrmmodrgb
  • setspec
  • restorerm

If you have any question or suggestion please just reply to this topic.

Kind Regards,

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How to open the console with the new client?

Before the old customer 2008/10 I get to do with the command

/ console then ;

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With the 40k client i can't open the console, i don't find the right command, /console or /console then; doesn't seems to work.

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In the 99% of the clients the console has been disabled by default. If you are using beta root then you can open with the "," character or you need to add to the client.


Open game.py and search for this:

onPressKeyDict[app.DIK_L]			= lambda : self.interface.ToggleChatLogWindow()

Add this under that:

onPressKeyDict[app.DIK_COMMA]		= lambda : self.ShowConsole()
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Did you followed this step? If yes and still not works check your syserr, but I think it has been completely disabled in your client. You can add again with these steps:
1. Add consolemodule.py to your root.
2. Add this to constInfo.py: CONSOLE_ENABLE = 0
3. Add this to the top of game.py: import consoleModule
4. Add this: self.console = None to the game.py under this: self.targetBoard = None
Add this:

		self.console = consoleModule.ConsoleWindow()
		self.console.SetConsoleSize(wndMgr.GetScreenWidth(), 200)

Under this:

		self.targetBoard = uiTarget.TargetBoard()

Add this:self.consoleEnable = FALSE to the def Open(self): event.
Add this:

		if self.console:

Under this:

self.affectShower = None

Add this:

	def ShowConsole(self):
		if debugInfo.IsDebugMode() or TRUE == self.consoleEnable:

Add this: "ConsoleEnable": self.__Console_Enable, to the serverCommandList

Add this:

	def __Console_Enable(self):
		self.consoleEnable = TRUE
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Cool, I'll add this to my client. I've been missing the console, but it's more useful before opening the server to get work done faster.

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