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AdRoll: get 60$ of advertising free

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Hi guys,


Few days ago while searching for ways to promote my server I came across AdRoll.


AdRoll is an advertising network intended for remarketing, that is, advertising to users who visited your website but did not convert (register) on it. Ever been chasen by ads from a website after you visited it? That's remarketing, deemed as one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of an online marketer.


AdRoll is partnered with a variety of other networks and unlike for example, AdWords, it's extremely easy to get good results. Best of all, they are offering at the time of writing this post, 60 USD trial for 2 weeks. So it costs nothing for you to try out.


Initially, you will be prompted to enter your website and some banners. AdRoll admits 3 banner sizes for desktop (160x600, 728x90, 300x250) and one for mobile (320x50). You can also upload ads for Facebook!


Once you have created your first campaign, you have to wait some days until it gets approved. I had no problem with this. Then you have to set your SmartPixel (tracking code) which will track which users "convert" (sign up). Here is how the dashboard for a running campaign looks:





Even though extremely simple to use (there's almost nothing to configure), it's still a good idea to get familiar with some online advertising terms:


Impressions: number of times your ad was printed on a website

CTR: percentage of users who click on your ad

CPM: cost per 1,000 impressions

CPC: cost per click

CPA: cost per action (Registration)

VTC: View through conversions (people who saw your ad, didn't click on it, and converted later)

CTC: Click through conversions (people who converted through clicking your ad)


These statistics will allow you to control the performance of your campaign.


Be aware that your campaign will perform better after it has collected some data about your ad effectiveness that it can use to automatically optimize. Therefore, wait a week at least before judging these numbers.


If you have any other question about AdRoll or online marketing in general let me know :)

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Rly usefull this tip Shogun, thx, for a long time i was looking a way to promote my server.

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After the trial period you pay weekly I believe.

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