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[Q]How did they do?



Hello guys,

I am just wondering about the metin2 source code how to do release it?

With using IDA Dissambler or not hacking YMIR Servers?


If using IDA pro, this job is very troublesome. Probably, There are easy ways for this method. Do you know this?

I don't want to be like them but I want to the develop it. (I know It was an absurd statement. :))


Best regards.








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A (former?) guy of the Ymir team released them.


I guess. ^^

Don't tell O.O !

Ymir uploaded this source to ftp/http (i don't know exactly where).

Anyway this been public a while. Someone downloaded it and released.

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We didn't sell any Mapeditor just to clarify that Chia was lying there...


About the rest could be true but i guess the patchserver theory with the image uploader is still the most likely source of the leak (Remote Shell)

We will never know how the source got leaked until some official member involved in the leak confirms what exactly happened.

.SG has no idea since it was stolen from Ymir/Webzen's systems.


Kind regards


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ida pro is a disasimbler you can berly edit the src code , the src of metin2 was stolen by someone , and that someone released it or something like this .

do you realy have to go through the details its good enough that you got metin2 source for free

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