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fix warnings



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error at compile with that ellie: 



	bool FPartyCheckFlagLt::operator() (LPCHARACTER ch)
		if (!ch->IsPC())
			return false;

		PC * pPC = CQuestManager::instance().GetPCForce(ch->GetPlayerID());
		//bool returnBool;
		bool returnBool = pParty->ForEachOnMapMemberBool(f, ch->GetMapIndex()) ? true : false;
		if (pPC)
			int flagValue = pPC->GetFlag(flagname);
			if (value > flagValue)
				returnBool = true;
				returnBool = false;

		return returnBool;


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thanks to ellie for that, now i have this error on other lane:



open shop_manger.h  and at the end of the file press (ENTER)  one or two times :)

and go to VnumHelper.h and do the same

and go to PetSystem.h and go the same

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i solved this errors, but now i have this:




Any solution?

The developer if you know some simple things that solve the warnings?



Please don't post shit like that.


There are many kinds of developers, if someone is a developer that doesn't mean that he must know everything about programming languages.

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im a developer of lua & python, not c++.


I have knowledge about c++ but im not a guy like ellie / vanilla in this language, so please, dont say im a bad developer, bcs all developers here, have a good knowledge about x langs.




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