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Hi !





client install:




make a import calendar


let the last of the game.py


and paste this


def Calendar(self):
import calendar
self.calendar = calendar.Calendar()
then look :
onPressKeyDict[app.DIK_F4] = lambda : self.__PressQuickSlot(7)
stick below:
onPressKeyDict[app.DIK_F6] = lambda : self.Calendar()
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Why i cant change any .tga ? i want a new design for the system ?

just Convert it to png file 

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or you can use programs to convert

so you can change the design 

when you are done with this convert it again to tga and replace ..


good luck

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I have problems in installing

when i put your calendar system it works fine pressing function key F6 and i able to see but once i again press F6 it close and again its not coming back.. i relogged still when i press F6 its not working..

2)Some how i used my design and converted tga to png.. calendar is not showing.. when i press function F6

3) Board.tga  or boss.tga for eg i edited with photoshop nothing works.. calendar is not appearing..

can you provide the solution for it?


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First of all it's not Jfirewall system, it's my system

Secondly to edit images, just rename them from .tga to .png and you will be able to edit the images (i made like this cause it's easier to convert and clients support them) ;)

Take care

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