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Dynamic css3 news tabs

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Im gonna show you how to make a opening/closing news tab like on this page:



Lets say we got a css class named newstab.

        height: 50px;
        width: 200px;
        transition: 0.8s;
        overflow: hidden;

        height: 300px;
        transition: 0.8s;
In this case your div with the class newstab would jump from 50px -> 300px height. The "transition: 0.8s" takes care that it wont like teleport but shifts to its real height.

The overflow: hidden; is therefore, that the text wont go over the borders of your div. It would be good to add a box-shadow to the top of each newstab so it will look way more realistic.


I think this solution is way better than using js cause its much more lightweight. The only negative thing:

IE users with deprecated browsers wont see the shift but it will still open but like i said at top like a teleport :D


Greets Inya

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If they're using IE they don't deserve to see it :D

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If they're using IE they don't deserve to see it :D


Yes but nobody use IE or ? 

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