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[ Dead Download Link ] AleXso's Core! download available [ We Need You ]

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AleXso's core!

Metin2, oh.. wink.png

If you have any suggestions, please write in this topic.

What it contains actual game?

- Fix sura skill bug
- Remove auth_brazil
- Remove xtrap
- Remove time limit - shutdown
- Fix bug invisible
- Add unban command. EX: /unban <nume caracter="">
- Enable 0 yang item in shop
- Players can't drop gold
- add function: pc.get_coins() ( from account.account -> coins )

- Fix locale_string.txt characters
- Fix exp table / new location: share/locale/alexso/exp.txt
- remove destroy items after 5 seconds
- add public changelog: share/locale/alexso/changelog.txt
- remove - all items in belt inventory.
- add ingame ban with reason

- FIX /war command
- delete dice command.
- FIX bonus bug
- FIX Stone BUG
- remove ymir license
- crash bug
- FIX tics did not updated
- all items in belt inventory, pls use the function item.remove() for fix bug.
- Add global chat + prefix Kingdom color
- add priv empire max 1000
- remove time limit for change bonus from items
- Fix -32K HP After warp.
- destroy items after 5 seconds
- Shutdown command fix
- Fix 6/7 on costumes
- Fix change equipment with full inventory
- Unlimited guild members
- exp table. EX: /usr/home/game/channel1/exp_tabel.txt

Download and support:

If you appreciate my work.These donations will help me pay my vds and continue my work.

PayPal donation

[email protected]


Why you don't just use the fix?http://metin2dev.org/board/topic/2785-belt-inventory-fix/

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You only show us here the versions 7/8/9, and in the version before these three? What was new? 

Another question, does this core have 4 inventory pages? Does it have max gold 999999999999?


Btw, nice project ^^


Greetz, RachadoPT

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