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How to add Chromium Embedded Browser ?




 I am using the Metin2 Project 2014.1 client and svfile from ASIKOO's guide.  And the browser from the itemshop / mall is using Internet Explorer embedded. 

 I want to embed chromium beacause I want to load webistes that use javascript.  Basically I need a browser that supports html5 .

 There are two older topics on this but neither have an answer or tutorial, and I read somewhere that servers like Aeldra do use more modern browsers.

  I have tried to do it myself , but I can't seem to figure it out, In the source, the pythonapplication scripts use functions such as WebBrowser_Show and void WebBrowser_Move which are present in the original CWebBrowser but aren't in any other sample apps of other browsers I could find. I tried with a CefSharp browser embedded sample app and a WebView2 (Which is Microsoft Edge's and is in c++) browser embedded sample app. But I can't figure out how to add them into the pythonapplication.  Maybe I am looking at it wrong or something.

  Can anybody please help me?  I am sure this is helpful for many other people too!


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I advise you to open a Turkish forum and search there. There's a CEF laid out, laid out for free.

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You can buy it from Owsap.

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