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Sura novice - legs after operation at DrTatsu's

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More than one of you has probably noticed crooked legs in a Suraman novice. This condition is not genetic and does not occur in other armours. I performed a small operation and the Suraman can enjoy straight legs.

Download: https://mega.nz/file/ik8WBACK#mTTnQx2sx7oJBUD5l1OKI4_s_RzzIamzr2J6aU4_CEU

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A small detail appreciated by few, but it is appreciated, thanks!

By the way, what method do you use to extract the "correct" skeletons from the characters?

I have tried several methods, external programs that allow the extraction of gr2 skeletons, classic converters that have been used for years in the community, some public skeletons that are 'unbugged', some better than others, but I would like to know which methods some of you use, or which one you think works best.

Thanks for your time!

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