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2014ish GF locale folder



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I'm surely remember that GF's "germany" folder got leaked with all the official mob_drop_item.txt etc some years ago and i had it, but unfortunately I left it.

Can somebody upload it for me please? It may dated as 2013 just as the source it was only made publicly available later in 2014.

Thanks in advance, I have been desperately looking for this since the morning.


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Yes that should be it, thank you.

Any chance that you have the whole leaked folder tho?

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Posted (edited)
10 minutes ago, Veltor88 said:

It's the old one before the dark dragons update, somewhere 2011. I'm looking for the 2014ish when the max level was increased to 105 and the "beta" maps were added.

10 minutes ago, Sonitex said:


Just so you know, I took drop files from a different archive. Here they seem to be incomplete but everything else is fine.

Okey also i'm remembering the file named mob_drop_item_hector.txt for sure so while the drops edited it should be the archive what i'm looking for. I'm gonna take the drops from your previous post and everything else from here.

Thank you :)

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