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Mob HP Bug



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As default in sources, you cannot exceed mob hp's by ~21,4 million because there some part of the game where a percentage calculation happens. When calculating the percentage it multiplies the current HP with 100 then divide by the full HP. At the multiplying part it runs out of Int limits and because of that things get buggy. I dont really want to change the datatype of HP stuff in the whole source. I've made a "ghetto" fix but im looking for better solutions. Suggestions?


Or just multiply after dividing? Like (currentHP / maxHP) * 100?







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3 hours ago, LordZiege said:

Use static_cast and cast it to long long and your problems should be solved.

What should i cast? everything as i did?

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bHPPercent = MINMAX(0, reinterpret_cast<uint64_t>((static_cast<int64_t>(TargetPacket.icurHP * static_cast<int64_t>(100)) / static_cast<int64_t>(TargetPacket.iMaxHP)), 100));

edit :

uint64_t limit = 18,446,744,073,709,551,615




int MINMAX(int  min, int value, int max)
    int tv;

    tv = (min > value ? min : value);
    return (max < tv) ? max : tv;

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