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WarOfEmpires2 - Server International ~ The server will open on 24.04.2021

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The server officially opens on 24.04.2021 ~ | ~ At 20:00 (Romanian Time) ~ | ~ Register Active

Server name: WarOfEmpires2 
Open channels: 1
Maximum level: 120
Status points: 100
GamePlay: PvM Medium

WebSite: https://woe2.ro/

Discord: https://discord.gg/YJ7QfhcMYV

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/warofempires2

Register: https://woe2.ro/users/register

Download Client: https://woe2.ro/download

Experience rate: 200%
Yang rate: 200%
Drop rate: 200%
Blacksmith's rate: 100%

Server details:

This is an International Server! Ro / En!
❤️ The official opening of the WoE2 Server is on 24.04.2021 (Saturday), at 20:00. The Download links of our Server will be available at the same time! Registrations will be online from 23.04.2021 (Friday)! ❤️
I worked on this Server for 1 year and a half!
❤ This server was opened on 26.03.2021 (Friday) during BETA. The Beta version ended on 13.04.2021 (Tuesday). ❤

❤ Details: ❤

- New Farm Map
- New Pets and Mounts
- New NPC
- New Stones and Boss

❤ Systems: ❤
- Reborn
- Sash
- Security Inventory
- Switchbot
- Special inventory for books, stones and upgrades.
- Biological system directly next to Inventory.
- Duel system. You can block before starting the duel, for example, not being able to use red, pet, mount, buff, etc ... during the duel.
- Conference system. There you can form a group and several people can talk at once.
- We have more textures for the sky.
- System Tournament PvP (twice a month!)
- Event Letters

❤ On the Server there is a Special Store, where you can buy items only with the Dragon Prince's Tooth and the Dragon Prince's Horn, and these Teeth and Horns are rare on the server, because they are hard to drop❤
❤ In this Special Store you will find:
- Pets/ Mounts
- Skins
- Various Items
- Costumes / Hairstyles

❤ On the server you will have several missions:
- 1000 Duels
- Mission to kill Razador.(25 times)
- Mission to kill Nemere.(25 times)
- Mission to kill Azrael.(25 times)
- Mission to kill Blue Dragon.(25 times)

❤ On the Server we have a special PvM Event, with a special folder only for PvM! Besides the PvM Event, we also have the OX Event and the PvP Tournament!❤ 

Staff Server:  [SA]Eugen & [Robert] 



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