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mushroom dungeon->property bug

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I have a very huge bug, with plechi's mushroom dungeon.

When i add the mushroom stuffs to property, my house models and every objects are invisible.
https://gyazo.com/c9e6d61aee51f8698aa6a815e8e9d3f3  (link how is it looks like)

When i overwrite the property with my clear property, everything is good.


Btw, if i add the bugged propertys, the whole dungeon is working 100%



some lines from my syserr:

0419 14:51:18463 ::  CArea::LoadObject Property(3689520799) Load ERROR
0419 14:51:18463 ::  CArea::LoadObject Property(3748653682) Load ERROR
0419 14:51:18463 ::  CArea::LoadObject Property(3748653682) Load ERROR
0419 14:51:18463 ::  CArea::LoadObject Property(3748653682) Load ERROR
0419 14:51:18463 ::  CArea::LoadObject Property(4138381346) Load ERROR

my syserr is 740 lines xd
I have no idea why is it full of bugs.

Any idea?

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Dungeon is working with bugged prop
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Dont use EVER eternexus. Cant compress corretly some stuffs.

Use this:

If you need help, how to install, i can help you.

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