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Hello everyone!

Follow my suggestion for the posting profile.

Photo default;
New Design;
New option flag country;


Ps: I have extensive experience with IP.Board.


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2 minutes ago, I3ooI3oo said:

‎Você está me desafiando? Quer começar uma guerra de design?! ‎



No flood, just posting the concept.


PS is for the weak, I edited in the Font F12.

Muaahahhaa = Monstrous laugh

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1 hour ago, ASIKOO said:

The profile field: country, will be available soon.

Ahaha very nice :D


45 minutes ago, ASIKOO said:

A new theme is available to test the proposals.

I'm anxious to see how it turned out.

obs: Create a tag for "valid" suggestions so people can be more interested in giving suggestions to the community.
As I said, only for suggestions that have been accepted and will be implemented.

Example tag: Contributor


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  • 1 month later...
  • Administrator

The list of countries of the world have been imported.
The flags are being created.

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