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Download Here ( Internal )
Download Here ( GitHub )


* This version is compatible with GF




ITEM_PROTO: item_proto directory.

MOB_PROTO: mob_proto directory.

ITEM_SKIP_COLUMN: If true, that Column will not be added to the item_proto.

MOB_SKIP_COLUMN: If true, that Column will not be added to the mob_proto.

ITEM_SKIP_TYPES: If true, Items with that Type/Subtype will be deleted.

REMOVE_ANTIFLAGS: If true, that AntiFlag will be deleted (Item won't be deleted).

APPLY_TO_NONE: If true, Apply Type will be changed to APPLY_NONE.

LIMIT_TO_NONE: If true, Limit Type will be changed to LIMIT_NONE.


* I'm using the current settings for convert to 2014 item and mob proto.

Password: black

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item_proto ok but mob_proto not okey. i have this error when i using dump_proto.exe

im using kraizy source, no changes were made


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