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Hello community!
I am looking for developer.
I have a small list what things should to do.
<The list>

- Full notice system
	The system enable bigfont function for the notice. The server is crash if I start guild wars.
	/- Should figured ouut why the server is crash and solve -/

- Search System multilanguage importation
	My shop search have function for search by item name. This search function is returning in item_proto.locale_name cloumn.
	In the locale_name cloumn I have only english names, so the search function always looking for english names matching.
	/- Shoulc create function for returning the seach locale_name_en or locale_name_de -/
	/- Should create function for item_proto use new locale_name cloumns and get the data from item_names.txt -/

- Mouse wheel function
	The function enable move your scrollbars with mouse wheel. The problem how my system is no check the position.
	Always scrolling that bar which one opened/used last time.
	/- Shoulc create check function how the mouse is in/out the windows and scrolling that bar, which one in the window where the mouse is -/

If you're interested about any work of them please contact me in private messages.

PS: If you, dear Reader, could recommend any developer do not hesitate and leave a comment.

Have nice day, ED.


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Removed pet system request
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