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[Coming Soon] Sephira - International

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Few information about the project, it can be defined as an Hard PvM, the gameplay is classic combined with useful systems.


  1. The tradehouse system to facilitate trade on the server, the sale of objects can be done through:
  • Sephira Coins, a special coin that can be obtained in the game, at certain bosses with a rather low rate or from the website;
  • Yang, this is the currency of the game;
  • Exchange of objects, available both in the tradehouse and in the classic trade. In exchange for the sold object, an object with default values can be requested. If the potential buyer owns such object, even with higher values than requested ones, the trade can take place and the object can be purchased;

It is also incorporated in this system:

  • Preview of weapon/armor, costume/haircut/weapon skin/pet/mount type of object;
  • Yang limit has been increased;
  • Multiple purchase with the total amount calculated automatically;

These being used in one or even more systems present on this server.

  1. Possibility to copy and paste text in the client, emoticons available both in chat and in private message;
  2. The VIP and VVIP system, both can be obtained in-game, drop/event and in the store; the VIP membership offers (currently): drop object/yang, experience rates 50% higher, the possibility to use teleportation ring unlimited (at no cost when renewing it) as well as the respective membership (VIP or VVIP) in front of the name; the VVIP degree offers everything that VIP offers and in addition reduces the cooldown time of dungeons by up to 50%; 
  3. The Target Info system offers players information such as the drop that can be obtained by killing/destroying the monster/stone, the race and the resistance it possesses, the life and its percentage of regeneration, so on;
  4. The option to extend the time on an object such as a costume, weapon skin, haircut;
  5. Ability to sort inventory items with different options;
  6. Instantly pick up dropped objects;
  7. Target affect is a system that displays the opponent's debuff as well as the time until its expiration;
  8. The player killed in battle, once respawned, is assigned a shield that gives him immunity until his life is at a decent level or until he is ready to attack (applies depending on the situation);
  9. The bonus change system can be used by all players and the change time is 0.02 ms;
  10. The deposit now also has a password-protected bank, the guild has a dedicated object deposit, accessible only from the guild field as well as a bank incorporated in the guild window; the services offered by the guild have a fee, this fee is added to the guild fund; the guild leader can assign different degrees of access to the guild warehouse;
  11. The Anti-Experience system now offers the possibility to store the experience (locked) in a bottle; this bottled experience can be sold/negotiated, so the experience can become an object of trade;
  12. The multiple selling system allows players to select multiple items from the inventory to be sold simultaneously; [Currently the sales tax as well as the triple price when purchasing an object if the player is not part of the kingdom where the action occurs, have been deactivated]

This system is embedded in one or even more systems present on the server.

  1. The alchemy system as well as the fishing system have undergone slight modifications to facilitate their use by players;

The rates of these two systems have been completely rewritten, designed to ease the work of players as well as to increase the low level commerce on the server..

  1. Search system, it allows players to search for different objects without a limit, displaying the monster as well as the rate of obtaining that object;

Systems that have been omitted will be added in a more detailed presentation at or after opening.


Missions with high rewards, guide and research missions with special bonuses as reward, permanent ones and more. A complete list will be added soon.

The dungeons have also been rewritten, some of them being completely modified. At the time of opening the server will have the dungeons necessary for the maximum level of that moment (level 105, this is not a permanent maximum level).

At the time of opening, the gameplay and the drop chances will be divided into 3 chapters / seasons. 

  • Chapter I between level 1 and 40;
  • Chapter II between level 40 - 80;
  • Incomplete Chapter III between level 80 - 105.

I mentioned it incompletely because packages will be added to the server to complete Chapter III. These packages can include levels, dungeons, missions, and new items.

The new systems that will be developed and implemented on the server will not be part of a specific chapter, they can be used throughout the game.

Apprentice costume, hairstyle and weapon skin set.

I know that a lot of information is missing, it will be added along the way as well as video presentations.

Discord: Daniel.#6759

Edited by Daniel Tiberiu Munteanu
Added youtube link
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Posted (edited)

Q. How can I obtain costumes in game?
A. An NPC can be found in (almost) every map/dungeon which will allow the craft of a certain costume/hairstyle/weapon skin.


PS The video above is just an example, the requested items for crafting the samurai costume will be changed.

Edited by Daniel Tiberiu Munteanu
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The window of this system will appear randomly when the player farms, fishes or mines generating a 5-digit code.
- The player has to enter these 5 digits correctly within 15 seconds;
- If the inserted pin is wrong, the system will generate a new code offering the possibility to enter the new code;
- There is a limit of 5 attempts to enter the correct pin;
- If the player fails to do so, the system will send a warning and disconnect the player;
- At three such warnings the player is penalized, being forced to wait 3 hours before he can log in again on that account;
- If the pin is not inserted within 15 seconds, the player will be disconnected and will receive a warning;
- If the player chooses the sending option without inserting the pin he will be disconnected and will receive a warning;

This system has been designed and thought in such a way as to block any attempt to use any illegal macro program.
After the pin has been inserted correctly, the previous attempts will be reset and the system window will reappear after a random period of time, only when the player is farming, mining or fishing.
It is not an intrusive system, it is not meant to disturb players who play fair but to protect and capitalize their work by removing people who use illegal programs.


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