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Metin2 Project 2014.1 | Kraizy Updated Edition

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On 5/27/2021 at 8:20 AM, Kafa said:

I made an update for the files.

- Added 5th Character Wolfman.
- Changed from 4 to 5 Slots for Characters.
- /set Command implemented changing race & sex for GM
- Added MaskTypes for Item proto like official
- Added 4th Apply in Item Proto like official
- Added new columns for mob Proto like official (for compitability) 
- Added some more new points&applys
- Resist fist column in .txt / .sql should work now
- Fixed delimiter in dump proto for multiple race flags
- Changed Loading of Mob/Item Proto In Db Source (improved code)
- extended sockets to 5 (ITEM_SOCKET_MAX_NUM)
- Current Protos can now be loaded without having to change something!
- Implemented Race Height feature
- Replaced root with leaked gf root from 2018
- added all defines in pythonapplicationmodule(commented)
- Added reversed event functions from pengers release
- increased visible box line count from 5 to 15
- added missing function GetLoginID for character select.
- Fixed "mse" syserr error due to costume aura items
- Added Malis Last Play time system for official character select 

- Implemented official dice system & fixed monarch notice

- Implemented official soul bind system.

- Implemented official character details system.

- Implemented official loading tips

- Fixed a bug when you reset your skill group where you need to relog to see the true skill level.

- Implemented official loading of Maps

- Fixed switching items that are equipped.

-  and much more.

If you want i can release it.



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Nice job!

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