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[Coming Soon] WoGII International

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Website: https://wog2.info

The WoGII server will open on 27-March-2021 at 17.00 ( uk time )

Registrations and client download will start on 26-March-2021

Server language :

English and Romanian

Official server Language will be English.

PvE server

Max Level : 120,

Avalable ch : 2,

Rates: from mobs, medium pvm,

The server is international,

The gameplay is a special one, based on:







-team play

The evolutions are:

WEAPONS: battle -> sirius -> beta weapon -> kyanite weapon

armor: steel -> possessed -> beta armor -> kyanite armor

ACCESSORIES: tear -> crystal -> evil

WEAPONS 75: poison -> aquatic sword

On the server are also present:

- Sash





- Smoke (weapons + armor)



- haircuts

- lollipop type items ecc...

- costumes

- weapon skins

-Title system

The runs on the server are:


-crystal cave


green valley (map of level 35 for new players)

- the aquatic sanctuary (map of level 90 for players who have reached this level)

- xenathot's cave (lv. 115 map for experienced players)

- Saber's Grotto (lv. 115 map for experienced players)

- Nemere tower

- purgatory of hell

- Ochao's temple

- Queen Melley's dungeon

Inventory systems:


- special deposit for upgrades / stones / books

- biologist

- Switchbot

- lock inventory with password ( optional )

- rearranging the inventory

Other important systems:

- offline shop

- dice system

- maintenance system (to avoid losing items)

- war zone

You will discover many other things in the game!

We try to stay as classic as possible to avoid inconveniences, the server is a mix between the old school and the new school.

Contact us: [email protected]


WoG2 Team

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