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deLuxe metin2 ..:: 50% PVM 50% PVP ::..

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New School Server :: Max Lv.120 :: Full Mob Drop :: Lycan :: New Maps :: Full pet, Mounts, energy and costume systems :: 24x7 Support :: Daily Events :: Item-Shop & Much more...



PRESENTATION: https://i.imgur.com/eJ2qyl1.png

- Lv.120 Maximum level.
- Medium-Hard gameplay (A non-monotonous, but long gameplay).
- VIP system.
- Anticheat.
- Quality and fast support, who has problems will not be left without help on the server!
- +5 starting equipment with PVM bonuses, missions and starting boxes.
- Habilities on Master after reaching lv5.
- Post P > S habilities.
- V3 Effects.
- All mobs have Drop.
- Hide Costumes system.
- 6 channels.
- Metins and bosses are highlighted in different colors on the map.
- SwitchBot.
- Lycan is available as a 5th playable class. Lycans are also globally rebalanced
- Permanent Bravery Cape
- Sun and Moon elixirs
- Globally improved attack speed for all characters. (More attack speed->more attacks, no limits, no bugs).
- Buff abilities last for days and remain after death. (If you die twice within 15 seconds, it disappears, just like when you die in PvP.
- In addition to intelligence, some abilities of shamans with buffs are also affected by strength and dexterity.
- Stones that fall from meteorites can be sold for Yang
- Quick sell option with CTRL+right click
- Quick pickup option in ESC menu with filters
- Special inventory available from inventory.
- Alchemy system with mythical alchemies and mythical alchemy bonus.
- Won system.
- Anniversary coin.
- Skill color system.
- Offline shop system with offline store search. Store system also supports Won system.
- Remotely accessible storage.
- Anti-EXP function.
- Aura system.
- Transmulation.
- Pet stays with you after teleport.
- Mount Evolution.
- available dungeons.
- Talisman system.
- Sash system.
- Detailed teleport ring.
- Gaya market with only valuable items.
- Alchemy bonus changer.
- Energy system.
- You can run through monsters, they don't block you.
- Each monster and meteor shows drop of items.
- In-game event calendar system.
- Belt system
- Improved gameplay on higher levels with new maps and new equipment.


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