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Hi, how can i put shinning on items?

Like imagine, black steel armor+7 do a shine, +8 do other shine and +9 do other shine, how can i use new shines to new armors or weapons?

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This is Shining System by Sanii. His website is not working atm, so here it is:

The product is free on his website for anyone asking.






With this you can add effects on any armor/weapon/costume etc. with one simple way:

1. You will have a text file named shiningtable.txt in your pack/locale/xx folder, in which you add the shining path along with the item vnum. 


10    "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_8_s.mse"

Don't forget to use Tabs between vnum and path

Also: you can set up to three effects on an item.


That's it.

No more binary and proto stress.

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1 hour ago, Doose said:

Thank you very much !

#solved !


use the button for solved threats 

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20 hours ago, Shahin said:


use the button for solved threats 

I swear i can't see it XDD

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