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Give item after kill monster [c++]



Hi community,

How can i make in c++ system, when i kill a monster / boss, you get a reward for it?
(But only the one who killed in other words, the one who did last hit.)

I tried some stuff, but nothing works like i want.

If someone can help please i appreciate.

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void CHARACTER::Dead(LPCHARACTER pkKiller, bool bImmediateDead)


add something like this,  and change mobvnum and ITEM


    if (true == IsMonster() && MOBVNUM == GetMobTable().dwVnum)
        if (pkKiller->IsPC() )

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Posted (edited)

yy, i searched for that after 15 mins after i posted it,

Thanks anyway ! :D

Can close topic, solution founded.

For those who want, comment from "useless69".


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I think it's better to use quests for this kind of things.  No need to mess the src.

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23 hours ago, Mali61 said:

I think it's better to use quests for this kind of things.  No need to mess the src.

Ty, i also did the same and it worked too.

Can you explain me how to use a green potion and purple one per time for time of use?
I mean, if the potion takes 10 mins to be complitly used, how can i make a condition to make it only used 1 time per 10 mins?

In other words, i can only use 1 green potion every 10 minutes, even if die.

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