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Block attack on map

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I did this but after i teleported another map I still can't attack


//1.) Search:
void CPythonPlayerEventHandler::OnHit(UINT uSkill, CActorInstance& rkActorVictim, BOOL isSendPacket)
//2.) Add bellow:
	static std::string uCurrentMap = CPythonBackground::Instance().GetWarpMapName();
	static std::string uArrayListOfMaps[] = {
		"metin2_map_b1",	/* loaded from atlasinfo.txt */
	for (int i=0;i<_countof(uArrayListOfMaps);i++)
		if (rkActorVictim.IsPC() && (!uCurrentMap.compare(uArrayListOfMaps[i])))
			TraceError("CPythonPlayerEventHandler::OnHit on map %s was blocked because players is protected.", uArrayListOfMaps[i].c_str());

//3.) And add on first line or where you want:
#include "PythonBackground.h"


What is the problem?

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remove static keyword for uCurrentMap

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wrong alarm
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