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Starting a metin2 server on a VPS ?



Hey guys, i bought a VPS and i also have the server files and sources (40k). But i have no idea how to start those things, how can i do that ?  thank you!!

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  1. Login putty (FreeBSD 11.3)
  2. Write this: portsnap fetch update and portsnap fetch extract - wait 2 minutes.
  3. If you need mysql write this code: pkg install mysql56-server or you need MariaDB write this: pkg install mariadb103-server

  4. Write this code: ee /etc/rc.conf and put this code somewhere: mysql_enable="YES"
    Run mysql: service mysql-server start

  5. download this lib and put /usr/lib32 OR upload lib32.tar.gz to /usr/lib32 and write this: cd /usr/lib32 and tar zxf lib32.tar.gz

  6. Now upload your SF and unpack.

  7. Rewrite the config file your IP and reboot.

I hope it'll work.

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i recommend using mariadb as mentioned,

For compiling your source you will need gcc49.

download this: https://mega.nz/#!riok1IAC!8Ccbeksam_oEmN3c3JFPN3IDs9KOkeorJI90VdgUoTM

Run it on a Virtual Machine on your windows. Install it on your locale network - see tutorials

user: root
pw: dev

this virtual machine has gcc installed and works perfectly

put your source on /usr/src

and on putty

cd /usr/src/your path/game or cd /usr/src/your path/db

gmake clean

gmake dep

gmake -j20

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