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Game Login and teleport CPU boost %13-15




I'm sorry for my bad english.



I have a problem. CPU goes up too much while entering the game and teleporting. There is a 3% increase with a single client.


There is a 13-15% increase with 4 clients. 


I checked the input_login.cpp Entergame function. I compared it with different. The problem does not appear. 


Server Memory : 4GB VDS, not localhost. There are no players on my server. This is a test server.

BSD 10.3, Mysql 5.7 


Connecting with 4 clients at the same time :  BSD TOP :





What should I do?



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I'm not sure what you expect. 4GB isn't a lot for running 3 cores and a mysql server, plus it's a VPS so you're sharing CPU with maybe 50 others. Did you check CPU usage during normal gameplay?


Review the mysql settings as having too low buffers will increase CPU usage (/var/db/mysql/my.cnf in older versions and /usr/local/et/mysql/conf.d/server.conf in newer plus run MySQLTuner: pkg install perl, cd /root, fetch http://mysqltuner.pl, perl mysqltuner.pl -u root -pyourpassword)

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@Shogun I did not test this during a normal game. Because I was afraid to use it with CPU usage. I uploaded this to a different VPS question and the result was the same. Is it normal for the CPU to increase 3% - 4% when a person enters?

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9 hours ago, useless69 said:

i have 0.8% cpu with three persons in game, 2gb and 1vcpu (vps)

Is 0.8 cpu stable while entering the game or teleporting?

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