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Average Damage Roll Probabilities



Hello guys. I have a question I hope somebody can help me about this.


How does average damage bonus rolls work? I mean is the probability of rolling %60 average damage is equal to rolling %12 average damage? Or probability of rolling %27 is equal to probability of rolling %-10?


When a average damage bonus is rolling, does every number have the same probability with others? Or rolling %10 is easier than %58? If not, can you share te formula?


Thanks for your attention! :)



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Skill Damage gets calculated before Average Damage, the latter is based on the result of the first.


This is the default formula:

iSkillBonus = MINMAX(-30, (int) (gauss_random(0, 5) + 0.5f), 30);

if (abs(iSkillBonus) <= 20)
    iNormalHitBonus = -2 * iSkillBonus + abs(number(-8, 8) + number(-8, 8)) + number(1, 4);
    iNormalHitBonus = -2 * iSkillBonus + number(1, 5);



de facto, Max Avg Dmg should be 65% and Max Skill Dmg is 30%, but since the default formula weights in favor of skill damage because of that "+ 0.5f" it's basically impossible to get more than 61 Avg Damage, Max Skill Damage is still 30.


Obviously, the formula is heavily weighted towards minimum values, so getting 50% Avg. Damage is significantly harder than getting 10% Avg Damage, and obviously the same goes for Skill Damage.

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