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Tenacity and Guild Vice-Leader

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Hi guys (again), I don't why my last post has been translated, anyway these are what i'm looking for:


1. Tenacity:


I want change the bonus "Antistun" with "Tenacity".

Antistun: defense vs stun probability.

Tenacity: reduction of seconds affected by stun.


With the standard antistun you'll just can't get stunned by any ability or bonus, in this way a lot of skill became useless and is a big penality for some classes. 

But with the "Tenacity" bonus, you will always get stunned, but, if you have like 50% tenacity, you will reduce the stun time in this way:

*Ability stun for 3 seconds"

- You have 50% Tenacity

- You'll get stunned for 1,5 seconds

- With 100% you can't be stunned.

If you have question about this just ask me.




2. Guild Vice-Leader


I want the chance for a guild leader to set a "Vice leader", in this way if a guild leader is offline, a Vice-leader can declare or accept wars.



How much for these?

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