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Offline Shop (Premium Private Shop)

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Offline Shop - Premium Private Shop System

Hi, due to lack of time, I hadn't shared, but ¡Hey!, I'm here and one more contribution.


The Official Servers have an Offline for few months ago, so I took on the task of making a similar one, It's not like Official Servers in a some parts of code I think, it does occupy designs and other things but in some issues it's different, but I used the rules that they use in terms of encoding.


I hope you like it, I tried that the Offline didn't occupy so many SQL sequences to minimize the load of SQL injections for the server and uses the same methods of the store and stores, don't create new files so that you can observe it.

I take this topic to indicate that I don't sell my things because some persons always end up filtering them and it makes me very lazy to think that, I'm selling and providing kind support to good people so that a bad one arrives and simply ends all that, I don't usually give support because I don't received anything... in Yohara's level system some people sent me a message to indicate that there was an error and it was always an error that they installed it wrong, look correctly at the guide and once for real believe that I omitted something in the guide, you can contact me and tell me to fix it, but if it's an installation error and I must install the system for you, I will charge you, I like to help, but I give you a guide so that it is only corrected what I omitted.


If you need me to connect it to your code or to add extra functions, I will still charge you, it's not much, it will simply be at your discretion and it will be a voluntary donation for me and my time, you will value how much you give me, it can be 1 EUR, 2 EUR, 3 EUR, 5 EUR I don't know (So I hope you make an effort, I already gave you the most complicated part, is to copy and paste code already done, including other parts for example like Safebox in Safebox part?), Some people were nice and some were not, so I decided to stop placing the rest of Yohara's patches for a few time.


I hope you like this, install, test and contact me if you detect an error, I already looked for and corrected everything I observed.

About memory leak - Doesn't have, I think 🤣.
Use WJ_ENABLE_TRADABLE_ICON (public system).
The default code in Python is Safebox to avoid code differences.
Among other things.
I use TRANSMUTATION like TRANSMUTATION, change it to Changelook, as I indicated in some parts of the guide where to change.


# Visual Parts

You can download the patches from the Official Servers in:











GitHub: https://github.com/Rakancito/Premium-Private-Shop



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@Mali61 Bro, could you give a small hint on how we can adapt your Shop Search into this Offline Shop? (You don't need to show everything, i just want to know how)

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How to configure the duration and price of the shop? Other offlineshops you can modify in config

If I don't have any offlineshop in my files, does it do the same as the others or does it have any difference?

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20 hours ago, ilovegreendays said:

How to configure the duration and price of the shop? Other offlineshops you can modify in config

If I don't have any offlineshop in my files, does it do the same as the others or does it have any difference?



the 86400 ist the time in seconds i think.

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