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Rodnia2 | PVM | International | 3k+ players | Multiple-Languages | 2nd server opening: 13.02.2021

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I can't wait for the Summer Event to come. There will be some new skins (costume, hairstyle, weapon etc.) that will help new players tremendously in exchange for a little farm. More details will be available, but there will be a new World Boss and a new dungeon as well, with all the changes coming. It's an amazing server with caring developers and a staff that is always ready to answer your questions in-game or on our discord server (myself included). I hope you will join us and will embark on this journey with us.

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The summer event is just one hour away, and I am so excited to start farming for the items, and see/ experience the changes.
 The June Battlepass was a bit hard, but definitely doable. I will finish it on Saturday. 
Can't wait to get hands on the new costumes and hairstyle, but the most important change I am waiting for the ability to put bonuses on wings (albeit for a limited time). 

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