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Hi everyone, in my free time I'm trying to upgrade the mainline to most recently webzen releases. This is the Set Bonus of DS, enjoy.



If you don't use ENABLE_EXTEND_INVEN_SYSTEM, in uiToolTip.py change (otherwise you will not see the bonus set when mouse is over the item)


if window_type == player.EQUIPMENT and self.interface and self.interface.wndDragonSoul:



if window_type == player.INVENTORY and self.interface and self.interface.wndDragonSoul:


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Is the system complete showing bonuses and so on?

Because I installed it and the bonus icon appears in the taskbar at the top and then disappears seconds later and no bonus appears next to the features Is there a shortage of it?

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52 minutes ago, Cappuccino said:

There was another similar system that had a bug: when you have the full ds set and you summon/unsummon a pet, the ds set will not give you the additional bonus

have you tested this scenario?

void CHARACTER::ComputePoints()


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Hmm.... 🤔

typedef struct STPacketDSTable {
	BYTE		bHeader;				// sizeof 1
	int		iType;					// sizeof 4
	int		iApplyCount;				// sizeof 4
	int		iBasicApplyValue[255];			// sizeof 4*255=1020
	int		iAditionalApplyValue[255];		// sizeof 4*255=1020
	float		fWeight;				// sizeof 4
} TPacketDSTable;

sizeof(TPacketDSTable) 						// sizeof 2053 * 1~6 -> 2053 ~ 12.318



Except the network usage at every activate deck, it seems good.

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I think, the last thing, to think about, is the network usage How would you like otherwise, loading everything in client-side aswell instead leaving the server to send the details to the client?


You know that the client could be used for more servers with different configuration right? Anyway, apologise, if you have a better idea share with us (except loading the table in binary 😕).

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Does it work for mythic alchemy?


I have one problem i dont have this "d:/ymir work/ui/dragonsoul/buff_ds_land1.tga") tga and this "d:/ymir work/ui/dragonsoul/buff_ds_sky1.tga") tga

 i got the bonus but it doesnt show me on the alchemy stone the bonus

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In uitooltip.py change


if window_type == player.INVENTORY and self.interface and self.interface.wndDragonSoul:



if window_type == player.DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY and self.interface and self.interface.wndDragonSoul:


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