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Crash on cube_Renewal



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Hy guys !

I have a problem with cube renewal


First i modify in cuberenewal.cpp/ cuberenewal.h on source game this function 

iEmptyPos = ch->GetEmptyDragonSoulInventory(pItem

into this 

iEmptyPos = ch->GetEmptyDragonSoulInventory(dwVnum, bSubType, bSize)

Bcs i cant compiled, now my server is working but when i try to crafting something is throwing  me back to login, 

All error i have is this 

SYSERR: Jan  3 14:18:05 :: Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 174, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 28, fd: 22

But in my packet.h ( binary and source) i dont have this value ( 174 ) 

Some ideas?

Ty :3

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You're not really expecting someone to help you, use a system from Worldard which got leaked or?

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My opinion would be to buy the system, or if you bought it to talk to the owner of this system it will definitely help you. But a small leak, check the packages from the binary source and the game source may be attached over others or you did not add them correctly.

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1 minute ago, FALLEN1 said:

I solved, in packet_info.cpp i put false.


There is a exploit where you can duplicate items with public one. WorldArd fixed it, but gl. :) 

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