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VDI FreeBSD 12.1 / Compilable Sources

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Heys guys,


I just realized that so many of you still using that vdi from 2014 with an old bsd and an old gcc that was not even c++11 compatible. So that I just created a new image with a fresh FreeBSD (12.1) having gcc 9 and without an Extern directory (all externals are installed from pkg repo). I put on some (I think) unmodified sources that can be compiled on it but you can upload your own files there.

I hope it will make many of yours life easier!


Download: https://mega.nz/file/PNgW1DjJ#g_FUHsjGUfyqcfXcnRbk8wluWJsaPYR3LR64nlLDy8s




username: root

password: admin



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A question was deleted: someone had problems with compiling the game because he didn't compile the libs before. For that simply run gmake in /usr/src.

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For those who need it I uploaded some (I think) unmodified basic sources for client binary that will definitely work with the server binary on the vdi: https://distraught.hu/download/m2dev/client_binary.rar

You will need to have boost somewhere on your PC and adjust the path of that in Properties (img below to help).

I compiled it with VS2019 (msvc142) so you should have no problem if you do so.


(I made this screenshot after deleting the project and opening one of my current projects so you won't find the Tracking there)

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Good sharing



If you use compatible files you will not have learned anything.
There are many guides explaining how to bring any file to the next gcc, why don't you give it a try? if you have problems open a post I try to help you

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