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Hey M2DEV!
Today I will show you how to fix one unpleasant error related to the auto attack.
When you attack a monster automatically and for example want to move away from the monster, what do you do?
Probably you will turn off the auto attack and try to move away from the monster using the WASD keys?
Yes, but it won't work because the target doesn't reset when you try to disable the auto-attack.

Before fix:

After fix:


Open file: UserInterface\PythonPlayer.h
"__ClearAutoAttackTargetActorID();" public!

Open file: UserInterface\PythonPlayerModulec.cpp
We need to create a new method


PyObject * playerClearAutoAttackTargetActorID(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs)
	return Py_BuildNone();


add method to s_methods[]

{ "ClearAutoAttackTargetActorID", playerClearAutoAttackTargetActorID, METH_VARARGS },





Compile bin!

Open file: root/uitaskbar.py


elif self.EVENT_MOVE_AND_ATTACK == event:


replace this part:

elif self.EVENT_MOVE_AND_ATTACK == event:
	btn = self.mouseModeButtonList[dir].GetChild("button_move_and_attack")
	func = player.MBF_SMART
	tooltip_text = localeInfo.TASKBAR_ATTACK

pack root file!

P.S Please forgive me for my English, I use a GoogleTranslate

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19 minutes ago, MEKA said:

How exactly do I need to edit PythonPlayer.h? I do but it doesn't work in the game.

you open it in Visual Studio and edit it. Then Build new Binary :D


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