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Winter Cleaning & Restructuring

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 It was time to clean up this board! 




I deleted the forums: Videos (Metin2) and General (Releases) and I also cleaned the forums: Off Topic (Community), Games Talk (Community), Music / Videos / Art (Community) and General (Metin2).


It was a real waste reception center! ♻️ Everything was mixed up! 😱 There were maps, 3D models or scripts... in these forums! 😭 I moved the content of these forums to: Questions & Answers (Help Area), General (Metin2), in one of the forums in the Releases category or in the trash on the board!


Private Servers is being checked to remove servers that are inactive.


I took the opportunity to modify the icons and descriptions. I changed the structure and order of the forums, I hope you like it! 🙂 Special thanks to @Tatsumaru for the icons of the  Services & Sales  category. ❤️ 







clean up cleaning GIF by Bubble Witchcleaning up mr clean GIF by ADWEEKSponge Bob Reaction GIF by MOODMAN




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