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[Release] Badge Notification Manager

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Hello girls, I think it's my first time when I release a system/feature directly for servers, until now I provided just scripts/functions for 'developers', let's see how it works.



1. Compatibility

Most of you know that for applying a badge to the parent icon we need to have the application ungrouped.

So, basically for this we need to use Win32 API ->  SetCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModelID which must be called during application initial startup routine, before presents any UI, basically in the initialization of singleton class would be fine.

Before doing the ungroup of taskbar, we've to check the operating system version, since there're many players in metin2 who still using XP/Vista and this feature is working since Windows 7+. So there's a function called IsWindowsCompatibleVersion which check if the version is at least Windows7 then trying to doing the ungroup and if successful then set a variable m_isWindowsCompatible to true, so we can check later other functions with it, that means the feature will be totally disabled for those who aren't compatible.

2. Cache features

When the application is created it's loading all resources and create only one object on the local system for taskbar interface.

3. Features

  • Show badges on taskbar (ON/OFF)  Show badges on taskbar (ON/OFF) 


  • Flash notification + badge                 1dd5c802ab6dbcf197923baa593084c2.gif


  • Counted flashes, using small taskbar icons + badge option 5d59d75aa8cd5e6fa36826e4e2b09624.gif

4. Activity

  • Whisper messages - Active (there are many scenarios related about application active, whisper window opened and focused +++.)
  • Guild/Party/Friend/Quest request - Soon


Github repository:


The girls who contributed


If you found any problem, write me a PM, or do a new issue in github repository, let's don't spam the topic with useless messages.

For updates, check the respository, don't make replies/quote with code here, thanks.

Other activities included in the class of BadgeNotificationManager.cpp, soon.

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@Mali61 Wintoast, that's a nice library (available in multiple languages python/c++/java/c#/...), basically you can show a notification just with 3-4 lines of code, but it doesn't fit in metin2 in my opinion.

I mean, looks a little bit pokemon for me, metin2 is a MMORPG game, why we should get notifications outside of game based on random design or windows one.

It's good for general applications or chatting apps like Discord/Skype/Telegram, but not for this shitty korean game, has no sense.

Also.. it works just for windows 8 & 10, I think you already know that most of the turkish players still using xp/vista/windows 7 so the compatibility rate is very low.

But thanks for sharing the idea itself, maybe someone would use it outside of metin2 for their apps. [C++] WinToast, [Py] WinToast


Back to the topic.

  • Fixed crash problem at startup routine, to check the preprocessor definition in resource compiler we must also define it in the project settings (Config Properties -> Resources -> General -> Preprocessor definitions).
  • Fixed warning RC4011: identifier truncated.
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