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Core.core error shop





shop_,manager.cpp 364: xd.png


item_manager 1384: dadada231.png


item)manager.cpp 3691:         case HEADER_CG_SHOP:
            if ((iExtraLen = Shop(ch, c_pData, m_iBufferLeft)) < 0)  ---> 3691
                return -1;


help please

p.s i removed shop make item from all accounts and all shops

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2 hours ago, Johnny69 said:

First of all, you didn't post the complete function ::Buy from CShopManager.

The core is not very explicit but pkShop might be a null pointer.


that's the rest of the function: CShopManager.::Buy



    int ret = pkShop->Buy(ch, pos);

    if (SHOP_SUBHEADER_GC_OK != ret) // ¹®Á¦°¡ ÀÖ¾úÀ¸¸é º¸³½´Ù.
        TPacketGCShop pack;

        pack.header    = HEADER_GC_SHOP;
        pack.subheader    = ret;
        pack.size    = sizeof(TPacketGCShop);

        ch->GetDesc()->Packet(&pack, sizeof(pack));


can u be more explicit with this null pointer , what does it mean , what should i do?

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