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trinity server start error




Hello Master:

https: //mega.nz/folder/TJQhQCTa#PlIMgET8inWiirKzOMmNEg

After using the trinityV3 file you provided, the following problems occurred. Please help me answer. Thank you. I did this:

1. Unzip the folder to the H drive

2. Upload H:\V3.Trinity\A.ServerPart\GAME_05.05.2020_18.05.tar.gz to the path of my virtual machine: /user/. After unzipping, you will get files like /user/game/...

3. I tried to start with the /user/game/start.sh file. sh start.sh. But this will not work. I checked the logs and it seems to be a vrunner error, but I don't understand. So I changed start.sh to pass binary files (e.g. ./db and

4 After modifying the database user name and password, I started the server and did not report any errors during the startup process, but in the end, he kept reminding me that the network was unavailable, and I didn't know which network link was available or not.

5. Modify H: \ V3.Trinity \ A.Game \ Metin2Trinity \ ArchivePath \ MakePack \ root \ serverinfo.py, and then modify the server address to my IP. Through ping and telnet, this address and these ports can work normally.

6. Use H:\V3.Trinity\A.Game\Metin2Trinity\ArchivePath\MakePack\pack.py to repack the root into a binary file

7 Start H:\V3.Trinity\A.Game\Metin2Trinity\ArchivePath\Binary\metin2release.exe Enter the username and password, but I will always be prompted to wait for the network connection.


I don't know what went wrong, but I can't play the game normally, please help from a master. Thank you.

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