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C++ - Metin2 Dynamic Item DropList Window

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Whenever I was playing on any server that had far too many drop items from monsters — I wondered — how am I going to find myself in this pile of scrap? You click on one item and pick up a completely different one, thus littering your inventory. With my solution, your players don't have to worry about it anymore.


As a player:


  • You don't have to worry about items gained by other players;
  • The alphabetical list will allow you to easily find the acquired item;
  • The dynamic list cleans and completes itself on a regular basis;
  • You can still pick up items directly from the floor;
  • You can show and hide the window whenever you want to use it;
  • If the item isn't yours then your player name in ownership color will be red instead of yellow;
  • You do not have to worry that your list will be flooded with items that have been lying on the ground for a long time — only the items you have acquired will go to the list; You can double-click on the name of the item and the character will automatically move towards it with the intention of picking up;
  • You can refresh the list by yourself;
  • You can select an item from the list and pick it up from the ground with one button.



  • You still need to be close to the item to pick it up — but it's probably fair;
  • Sometime you must click twice on item name because of too far distance (by default).



Github repository: https://github.com/Nirray/Main-Metin2-Dynamic-Item-Drop-List-Window/

Compatibility: I am curious about your opinions


Have a nice day

Author@Nirray (Back to the past)


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