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Back to the past

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 A terrible event has happened! 

 Back to the past... 




Today there was a database malfunction, which forced me to restore an old forum backup. The backup dates from September 2020.


I am sorry for the loss of content since that date. I take care of restoring the VIP purchases as well and the current advertisements...




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😆 the problem ocurred when you USED something from turkmoo

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" Don`t pretend things change if you always do the same thing"

"Don`t give up on a dream for how long it will take, time will pass the same"

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Yes, I have reset some profile images, they were bugged after the restoration.

I restored the topics from the releases section.


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56 minutes ago, Syreldar said:

Simp detected



You just don't understand what we have.

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We are the tortured.
We're not your friends.
As long as we're not visible.
We are unfixable.

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