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Align bonus

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Hey ! 
I have an idea and need help to implementation

What if the alignment give bonus for example 
Alignment (1) > 1000  then 10k HP

Alignment (1) > 4000  then 30k HP ..

I found one topic on dev but this not work for me. 

Somebody can help me ? 


Thanks for reply ! :)



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I checked the code in that thread, actually it should work

but since you'll add it in 

void CInputLogin::Entergame

so it will be applied when you sign out and log in again so bonuses are applied.

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Okay, but I edited  this

if (GetRealAlignment() == NAME_ALIGNMENT_1)


if (GetRealAlignment() > 1000 && GetRealAlignment() < 2000 ) 

server is down recently.

if (GetRealAlignment() < NAME_ALIGNMENT_1 )
if (GetRealAlignment() > NAME_ALIGNMENT_1)

or this isn't work

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