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[Land of Heroes] Looking for new members to join our team

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Dear Community,


We are a soon-to-be-opened, so that still under development server in Hungary which we are looking for new enthusiastic, active and teamwork compatible members for our development team.

We prefer the Dali approach, therefore we are not seeking (self-claimed) i-know-everything guys but we eagerly wish to meet talented developers with virtue at their fields.



So what positions are free to apply?

Game designers, game economy designers, UI designers, 2D and 3D artists are always welcome.


What skills should a game designer really have?

  • creativity
  • playing experience with a lot of games (mostly MMORPGs)
  • understanding different types of gamers, their needs and the way they work (Bartle taxonomy)
  • ability to think outside the box and then sync those ideas to fit in the game
  • minimal knowledge for Excel as we have all our data and game settings in xlsx files that game designers edit


What skills should a game economy designer really have?

  • being good at numbers
  • ability to oversee the whole game's balances
  • experience at writing drops, setting values to items and monsters, besides forecasting the impact of new stuffs on the game and its economy 
  • defining and maintaining the values of currencies (soft and hard) and preventing inflations


What skills should a UI designer really have?

  • Photoshop skills
  • basic knowledge of UI/UX guidelines
  • a hell of creativity
  • competency to work with 2D and 3D artists to make game-ready design assets


What skills should a 2D artist really have?

  • having the talent to draw graphics for the game (loading screens, concept arts)
  • deftness to draw with digitalizing boards
  • also a really really really lot of creativity


What skills should a 3D artist really have?

  • knowledge for using 3DSMax (it's good if you can work with other programs too)
  • being able to work by concept arts and by-heart also
  • rigging and animating skills


You can apply or ask anything by messaging me here.


But now lets see something of the project itself too :)



ingame voice chat in parties



flying mounts






improved customizability


And for sure a lot of else that we didn't want to expose yet on our social media sites, like board game, puzzle event, reworked guild system, powerup card system, etc...


The server is going to open in Hungary first and after 3 months of the opening we would like to open our turkish server too.



Discord: https://discord.landofheroes.eu

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