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Old (char_skill.cpp) Compilation Fix for Boost 1.43+

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I had posted this on the past, and for sure it's not needed but I'll report it anyway. (I can't find old topic).

This is just a compilation bugfix for Boost >1.43.


What this does, it just makes the VID class hashable for boost.

Another, and perhaps better way, to solve this issue is replace all "boost::unordered_map" to "std::unordered_map" (as it was suggested in the past).

I'm sure you would get this error from clean 40k sources, anything with the smallest fix should not bother this.



#ifndef __INC_METIN_II_VID_H__
#define __INC_METIN_II_VID_H__

class VID
        VID() : m_id(0), m_crc(0)

        VID(DWORD id, DWORD crc)
            m_id = id;
            m_crc = crc;

        VID(const VID &rvid)
            *this = rvid;

        const VID & operator = (const VID & rhs)
            m_id = rhs.m_id;
            m_crc = rhs.m_crc;
            return *this;

        bool operator == (const VID & rhs) const
            return (m_id == rhs.m_id) && (m_crc == rhs.m_crc);

        bool operator != (const VID & rhs) const
            return !(*this == rhs);

        operator DWORD() const
            return m_id;

        void Reset()
            m_id = 0, m_crc = 0;

        DWORD getID()  const {
            return m_id;

        DWORD m_id;
        DWORD m_crc;

std::size_t hash_value(VID const& v) {
    boost::hash<DWORD> hasher;
    return hasher(v.getID());

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