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Lag when have war



Version of Files : mainline 40k


1. Description of the problem / Question :

in my server have laggy when have some guys fighting, when have +- 30 players cause lag in all map, but others maps still ok, lag like wait 5s to change weapon, but in machine cpu and memory still low use, i didn't have idea why this happening, someone have some fix?


2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server )

don't have nothing about that


3. How to reproduce it ?

just put 30 players fighting in map


4. Screenshots ?

didn't have


Thanks, Sincerly,


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you can simply decrease this delay by opening UserInterface\PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp
and change the constant MAX_RECV_COUNT to a higher value.

For exemple try to put 16 

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I have the same problem, I've tried several tutorials etc, but without an effective solution, find out what is happening and / or how to fix it, please share!

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41 minutes ago, weryoliveira said:

but change this, how i know everting is ok? look, if 50 players update and 50 not, what difference will happening? for 50 players updated not laggy or someting like that?

Change and try, you will see the result

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