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[BETA] PI NETWORK | Cryptocurrency

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Good evening,


I am sharing with you today a site currently in the last phase of Beta to mine a future cryptocurrency for free and without physical resources.


Currently very promising, I got enlisted by a work colleague who is a cryptocurrency geek so I believe him on this one.


The principle is simple, there is no investment to be made to have more tokens, everything is done under a sponsorship system, impossible to register without someone inviting you beforehand.


It's mining only on the phone with the application from their official website officially downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, don't worry, it consumes nothing on the battery.


If you are interested, I invite you to download their app from the official website and when they go to ask you for a validation code, you will provide mine: Mustang44


Once it's done, if you want to have more Hash / token, refer people around you / friends with your own code once you have created your account.


You have a somewhat detailed explanation on Youtube regarding this future currency.


If you have any questions, you beep me on Discord: Mustang#1649



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