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[Help] death from mob makes no lose buff



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I haven't tested it but this might work. (Credits to: @cBaraN)


void ClearAffect(bool bSave=false); // Find
void            ClearAffect(bool bSave = false, bool bSomeAffect = false); // chane
void CHARACTER::ClearAffect(bool bSave) // find
void CHARACTER::ClearAffect(bool bSave, bool bSomeAffect) // change

// Find
if (IsPC())
    SendAffectRemovePacket(GetDesc(), GetPlayerID(), pkAff->dwType, pkAff->bApplyOn);

// Add above
if (bSomeAffect)
    switch (pkAff->dwType)
        case (SKILL_JEONGWI):
        case (SKILL_GEOMKYUNG):
        case (SKILL_CHUNKEON):
        case (SKILL_GWIGEOM):
        case (SKILL_TERROR):
        case (SKILL_JUMAGAP):
        case (SKILL_HOSIN):
        case (SKILL_REFLECT):
        case (SKILL_GICHEON):
        case (SKILL_KWAESOK):
        case (SKILL_JEUNGRYEOK):
        case (SKILL_JEOKRANG):
        case (SKILL_CHEONGRANG):

// Find
void CHARACTER::Dead(LPCHARACTER pkKiller, bool bImmediateDead)
// Find this in the function

// Change 
ClearAffect(true, (pkKiller && pkKiller->IsPC()) ? false : true);


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