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EREN3 - Praise the Lord | Reborn on 18.07.2020 | INTERNATIONAL PVP

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EREN3 - Website

EREN3 - Discord


Because We decided to restart the server, all the people who donated and people who had custom items with their name will receive them back.
More details on our discord, also we added a lot of new features.

You will find a lot of new things at the opening!



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We are very glad because we bring the number of 500 players. https://prnt.sc/tl0p8n

Actually we coming with a short tutorial "How to play" visit our Board:

Dont forget our server it's not Pay2Win, you can get Dragon Coins Farming at Bosses in Farm Map, Fish Event & Letter Event (It's every day) 

Patchnotes 0.0.2
- Free Mode is now disabled in PvP Maps (Sohan/Grotto Exile/Desert)
- New option in Tactical Duel ( +20k Max.HP and -20 Casting Speed ) https://gyazo.com/adb768bb0d1e7e7320fc07008a553646
- New bonus list in Character Page (press C) (F6 Bonus list was removed)
 Translated in English,German,Espanol,Turkish,Hungarian
- When you revive in PvP Maps (Sohan/Grotto Exile/Desert) you will get FULL HP
- We removed the Yang Dialog from Trade.
- When contact a Staff Member  in PM you'll receive an instant reply:
''Thanks for message, I will reply as soon i am able.''
- We changed lil bit the login interface and loading screen
- We added a cooldown(10 seconds) when you open 10x of Chests.
- We removed all transmutation items from Dragon Weapons/Dragon Armours also Last Evolution
- You can't use transmutation items on Dragon Weapons/Dragon Armours, also Last Evolution

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great server

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Posted (edited)

Patchnotes 0.0.5
- We added 15-20 NEW skin weapons at Weapon NPC!
You can buy them with Credits. https://gyazo.com/34b801aac352a8e06d76418521ae8a20
- Fixed Preview Model on Weapons/Costumes/Armours/Hairstyles
- NEW 36 EMOJIS that can be used in Chat/Whisper. https://gyazo.com/5abe02542ef37d05325cfdd7145ab452
- Now,you can't use anymore last evolution/faces in Guild War
- You won't be disconnected anymore while fishing at Jigsaw Event
- Now,you can use again transmutation on last last evolution
- Lag Fixed while using few skills and Red Elixir
- PvP is full fixed without any visual issue

Edited by Raylee (see edit history)

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SPECIAL OX EVENT (without restrictions) 
(You can come with multiple accounts)

Romania : 20:30
Germany : 19:30
Spain : 19:30
Italy : 19:30
Turkey : 20:30
Hungary : 19:30
Portugal : 18:30

NEW 1️⃣
Auction EVENT :
(You can get expensive Custom Items for cheap price)

DETAILS: http://board.eren3.global/viewtopic.php?f=6&p=51  <--- Click it

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Patchnotes 0.0.6
- NEW System Prize for Guild Event Winners ! 
Now TOP 3 Guilds from Guild Tournament will receive :
3rd Place : The ''3'' Number from above (new system)
2nd Place : half of prizes from 1st Place + the ''2'' number from above
1st Place : Weekly Changes (Not a fixed prize) + the ''1'' number from above

- Fixed bonuses at Color Swords from Weapon NPC
- Few optimizations


Patchnotes 0.0.7
- From now,You can fish all the time. You can use a part of fishes at Fisherman
- From Fisherman you can buy Dragon Coins in exchange with fishes.
- NEW Fishbot button! (you can use it when Jigsaw Event is disabled)
- NEW 6 Effects for Armour
- Now fishes are stackble. (Old fishes, can't be stackble because they have different length)

Don't forget, Tonight It's PvP EVENT (1v1), more details on our discord server: 


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Patchnotes 0.0.8
- International players will notice a better ping while playing.
- We increased the chance of getting Dragon Coins at Jigsaw Event.
- The old tickets for 15 days Costume/Hair has be renamed in Fragment of Costume/Hair.
- Craft Permanent Custom Costume/Hair at Seon Pyeong (with Fragment)

Our to-do list for this week:
- Voice-chat in Game (Like other games League Of Legends, CSGO etc.)
You will be able to speak with players around you using your microphone.

- BattleGround Arena 
We decided to make a Mini-Game like PUBG, but for Metin2
A short preview with the map: https://youtu.be/Zhrfxc7bd5o

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