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open bug shopoffiline + new price

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Hi Devs :D

I have a problem in my shop offline and would like to solve.



I would also like to add two new coins in the shopoffline, if anyone can pass me a tutorial, I'm very grateful.



By Lost :D

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That bug is not actually caused by offline shop originally, just every offline shop uses the normal shop mechanism that already bugged.

It was presented in gayforge's servers too until ~2017 btw :D

The problem: Monsters can get the same vid what used a player/npc already with shop.


To fix for normal shops: uiprivateshopbuilder.py



    def OnUpdate(self):
        if not self.vid:
        if systemSetting.IsShowSalesText():


	def OnUpdate(self):
		if not self.vid:
		if chr.GetInstanceType(self.vid) not in [chr.INSTANCE_TYPE_PLAYER,chr.INSTANCE_TYPE_NPC]:

		if systemSetting.IsShowSalesText():

For offline shop you have to do the same thing, maybe the DeleteADBoard can be different named but that's all. For Ken's shop it is not different.




Adding a new currency to offline shop is not something like can be done with "just pass me a tutorial" :D

We do not even know what version are u using, i know 4 different offline shop and some other what not public.

This won system have tutorial for Great's offline shop, maybe you can use it as a template if you're using Great's.


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If you just clear g_privateShopAdvertisementBoardDict in def Clear(): that's not solve the problem 100%, the problem can still happens if the player not warping/reloging, e.g. staying on the same map. That's why most people solve it in OnUpdate with self.Hide & DeleteADBoard if it's not player or npc (offline shop).


Btw i know all of this just "masking" the problem, GF solved it in another way because they're not using def Clear() or OnUpdate() but they no longer have this bug.

(Also it was not a problem until r2089M, i think r34083 introduced it)

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Idk bro, fixed by 3 years as I suggested. You can do lot of checks for the SHOP_SIGN srv side too.

Btw killed this problem years ago.

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