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DC after trying to create Guild [HELP]



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Version of Files XXX

Hello everyone im here again to ask for help if possible from those who understand about this ..

Im having a problem at PServer! Im trying to create a guild and when i confirm the name and press "Create" after a few seconds i get disconnected!


If i use the command "/makeguild" i dont have any problem at all and for that i need an GM acc. 

And im looking for a fix where the "player function of create by him self" stay working fine!

Oh one more thing i tried to paste the same files i have on this Machine for one with the same files + source and after doing that on my "Test Server" is everything working fine..

But when comes to the "Oficial Server" i got that "dc" after trying to create.


This is what i got on my "syserr" after the dc


My biggest problem here is to understand why is this happening + if i "copy paste" to another Machine with the same files why on the Test Server is working and at Official i got dc?

Ofc if someone can provide that information with i would like to know: Wish  file i need to change and why and with what code. 

If is a complicated thing to solve i can pay for that as well i just need to have that working so my friend can keep working in another things..


Thanks, Sincerly, Poeta


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Posted (edited)
28 minutes ago, Poeta said:

@WeedHex After click "Create" i got disconnect to the Login page

I know dude but reply to my fucken question ?


U get game.core? Yes? Analyze it and give us result.


No core?? Just the syserr u show?


We need to see the whole functions from db/src about char creations.

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